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Dr. Jared Mangum grew up in Southern Utah and attended Snow Canyon High School. He decided to sell his successful practice in American Fork, Utah and move with his wife and five children back to Southern Utah in July 2014. He was treated by the late Dr. Mazel Callister as a youth, whose office he now occupies at 594 W 400 N in St. George, Utah. He feels very blessed to be able to practice in an office of such rich history and one in which he was treated himself as a youth. Dr. Mangum was involved in an auto accident at 19 and realized that chiropractic is what he wanted to do, because he had received so much help for chiropractic himself.

Dr. Mangum has been doing massage since 2002, and has employed his skills as a DC/LMT to improve his chiropractic treatments. He has discovered that by combining both medical massage and chiropractic into one cohesive treatment, patients achieve better results. With his combined massage and chiropractic experience, he is able to set himself apart from other chiropractors in both treatment style and results. Dr. Mangum attended what is called “An Evidence Based School,” this simply means his schooling is more medical based than other chiropractic schools. He doesn’t prescribe to a treatment plan consisting of (3 treatments a week for the rest of your life), treatments that have no research whatsoever, and he doesn’t follow weird or trendy things. He is a functional/structural based chiropractor. This means he looks at function and structure as the root cause of problems. Medical Massage is a type of massage that is somewhat deep in nature, its goals are to reduce scar tissue and improve function. This in turn will increase joint mobility and functionality.

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