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Auto Accidents:

There is a lot of misinformation out there about auto insurance and the benefits from an accident. Any advertisement about a “FREE initial exam” is misleading. ALL exams and treatments are free to a certain point when you’ve been in an accident. The Utah state law requires each motorist carries a minimum of $3,000 of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) which is to be used for medical and/or lost time at work. Yes, $3,000 can be burned through really quick (PIP coverage should be discussed with you insurance agent. The small amount of cost to increase coverage is less than you might expect).

When you are in an accident if you are at fault you only receive the amount of PIP you have and nothing more. If you are not at fault (your personal insurance pays the PIP initially and they are reimbursed at the end when a settlement is reached) you can receive treatment until you have reached what is called MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). This whole accident process can be frustrating and hard to understand. I will not attempt to explain it all on this webpage (if you have questions please feel free to call me and we can discuss it until it makes sense.


-ANY person in the vehicle at the time of the accident has PIP coverage regardless of fault.

-EVERY person deserves care after an auto accident (don’t try and be a tough guy!)

-Be careful what information you give to insurance companies about your current condition and how much you may or may not hurt. It takes a while for the effects of an accident to show up and any information you give can be used against you (I’ve seen it happen).

-You pay your insurance premiums for a reason, DO NOT let anyone guilt you into not seeking care after an accident. You only have one body and spending the rest of your life in pain and discomfort doesn’t concern the auto insurance companies.

-If you were not at fault from an accident you will be getting a settlement at the very end of treatment.

I was in an auto accident when I was 19 years old; I still have some problems today from that accident. Our bodies were not meant to be accelerated and decelerated and withstand the forces implicated in auto accidents. PLEASE be smart and seek the proper medical attention (one that is heavily rooted in soft tissue, as this is where most of the injuries take place) after an auto accident.

Health Insurance:

Health insurances can be billed as in-network (IN) or out-of-network (OON). The benefits of each vary and can be very confusing to some. We do not take responsibility for your health insurance and what they may or may not cover. We are always happy to look at your benefits and see what they may cover for you, but ultimately you are still responsible for your own health insurance.

 IN insurances:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Select Health


OON Insurances we LOVE:

OON health insurances we love to work with and have had little problems with. These health insurances reimburse really well and offer great benefits to their policy holders. If you have any of the following PLEASE CONTACT US about what they cover, you most likely will not be disappointed and their co-pays are pretty low on some plans

Desert Mutual (DMBA) (LDS church employees)

Aetna (Costco employees, UPS employees, etc.)

Educators Mutual (EMI)

All other health insurances would be considered OON. We will always take OON insurance but some policies DO NOT have chiropractic benefits. PLEASE ask us to check for you and we will let you know what is or isn’t covered.


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